Language Alter Ego

What is Language Alter Ego?

Language Alter Ego refers to the idea that an individual's language can reflect a different aspect of their personality, separate from their everyday self, in other words. This concept suggests that when we switch to a different language, our behaviour, thoughts, and emotions can change as well, as if we are taking on a new identity or personality. For example, a person may feel more confident, assertive, or creative when speaking one language, compared to another language that they associate with being more reserved or cautious. This phenomenon can be influenced by a variety of factors, including cultural differences, personal experiences, and emotional associations with different languages. The concept of language alter ego highlights the powerful impact that language can have on our self-expression and the way we interact with others.
I personally describe Language Alter Ego as a voluntarily or involuntarily created linguistic personality based on a newly generated behaviour appropriate for a particular socio-cultural environment.