Author, speaker, expert in multilingualism and multiculturalism
Ekaterina's work focuses on how individuals can navigate the complexities of the multilingual and multicultural world
TEDx talk - Language Alter Ego
About Ekaterina
Dr Ekaterina Matveeva (h.c.) is the author of the theory Language Alter Ego, founder of Amolingua and Lingo+. She received an Honorary Doctorate from Azteca University for her contribution to the fields of education and humanities. Her work has appeared in Forbes, Brainz, El Cronista, and Techflix. Ekaterina has been featured on TV, radio and podcasts and she trained over 100,000 people around the globe including world thought leaders from TED to Singularity University.

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Planetarium talk - Where astrophysics meets linguistics
Language Alter Ego. The book Language Alter Ego guides you through the multilayered research on how our differences and similarities help us build a bridge across languages and cultures in our daily and business communication. Being bilingual doesn't mean being bicultural.

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How different are we? How similar? How can a global organization build a robust culture with people coming from all over the globe? How can an international institution ensure an inclusive atmosphere for students from all cultural backgrounds without betraying its own roots? How can we all work effectively with cross-cultural complexity and create a space for innovation to thrive? In Ekaterina's speeches and workshops, she explores how divergent thinking coming from various cultural views can lead a company to a new level of success and how educators can apply new approaches to learning. After all, when you think about the challenge of creating shared meaning, what could be more challenging than trying to work with the cognitive map of an alien from another planet?

Ed:tech companies led by Ekaterina
Amolingua brings teams together by language, culture and soft skills training design for global business. Founded by Ekaterina in 2016, the international ed:tech has been promoting effective communication across cultures on 4 continents.
Lingo+ provides professional development for teachers working in international schools by deep training in multilingualism and multiculturalism. Funded by Erasmus+ in 2019, the virtual training centre works with teachers across dozens of countries.