Ekaterina has created a number of courses to work on a specific challenge. These courses are useful for international English speakers and professionals who would like to go a little bit deeper in their training.
Genius of Accents
The Genius of Accents course is perfect for international English speakers who would like to work on their pronunciation.
The course lasts approximately 2 hours containing short entertaining videos with theory and practice around muscle positioning, consonants, vowels, rhythm, pitch, tones, prosody, with numerous exercises to master phonetics.
By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the tools to work on your pronunciation and be ready for any conversation you are to deliver in English.
Pitch to Win
The Pitch to Win course has become legendary for helping entrepreneurs from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Latin America to pitch in front of investors and grant committees.
This course is also suitable for job interview preparation, TED-style presentation, and self-presentation.
The content covers ABCs of preparing a script for a specific audience, working with storytelling strategies, rehearsing with body language and facial expressions, creating slides if necessary, and winning over during Q&A time, which is so important during pitches and interviews.
The course of 2 hours is focused on helping international professionals to convey their ideas, be less nervous while delivering and be ready not only to talk but also to listen and comprehend what they are asked about during Q&A.
Introduction to CQ
This is the first course in the series about Cultural Intelligence. Within 2 hours you will learn basics about culture itself, CQ, different cultural dimensions and how they are divided by scholars.
At the end of the course, you will know how stereotypes and cultural traits manifest and how to compare them. This will give you a more clear understanding of how to communicate with your international colleagues, students or clients.
This course is perfect for educators, professionals and entrepreneurs working in international organizations.
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