About Ekaterina
Dr Ekaterina Matveeva (h.c.) is a linguist researching the mystique of communication across languages and cultures. Her work around Language Alter Ego focuses on how individuals create personalities while acquiring a foreign language and culture, and how it influences their ability to adapt to unexpected cultural situations and global work environments.

She helps companies and professionals navigate intercultural complexities in communication to bring teams together and achieve better efficiency in international project management and decision-making. Her company Amolingua improves team communications through flexible language learning, culture, and soft skills programs designed for high-performing companies.

Ekaterina has worked in over 40 countries across 5 continents, studying education systems, future skills, communication strategies and local challenges. Her company Lingo+ emerged with the support of Erasmus+ fund by the European Commission, to provide professional development for teachers working in international schools, with a focus on the application of multilingualism and multiculturalism in the classroom.

In 2015 Ekaterina won the UK Business Woman award in the national UK competition Grad Factor, in 2019 she was recognised among TOP 30 Africa-Europe young leaders, and in 2021 she was included in Brainz CREA Global Awards 500 composed of top entrepreneurs, influential leaders and innovators.

Her books Language Alter Ego, Buenos Aires de Idiomas Extranjeros, and Полиглот по собственному желанию, have earned recognition among the respective communities, winning the title of the Best-selling author.

Ekaterina started her career as a polyglot learning languages on her own, at universities and schools. She crafted her teaching methodology while speaking 9 languages at various levels and understanding another 20. She is a retired memory athlete, competing at the world and national memory championships. She has trained individuals in languages, public speaking and cultural intelligence for over 15 years. Currently, she gives workshops and seminars at international organisations including Catalyst2030, Global Education Futures, Junior Achievement, PWC, GlobalShapers, StartUp Chile, and runs executive programmes at the business school CEDEX at Universidad de Palermo, one of the leading business schools in Latin America.

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